Conventional Home Loans

One of the most common home loans with fixed, adjustable, or hybrid interest rates. Contact our team to get started with a home loan program.

Buy Your Dream Home With A Conventional Home Loan

Whether you are buying your first home or moving to a different location, Brad can help with a conventional loan in Fort Collins, Loveland, and other Colorado areas. Brad is a mortgage lending specialist who can sit down with you and help you determine how much you can afford for your new home based on your income and other financial information.

Our Fort Collins conventional loans offer flexibility such as the length of the loan and the amount of the down payment. Because a conventional loan is not backed by a government program such as the FHA or USDA, there is a requirement for a down payment. Brad assists his clients by detailing all the differences between the various types of loan options.

Here are some of the benefits of conventional loans.

  • Fixed, adjustable, or hybrid interest rate plans.
  • Generally lower closing costs.
  • Faster loan underwriting.
  • Optional escrow accounts.
  • This loan has more purchasing options compared to other loans.

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Conventional Loan Process

Conventional loans in Fort Collins and Loveland are very popular in general because of lower interest rates, faster loan processing, and reduced mortgage insurance requirements. Do all of these details sound a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry, you are not in this alone!

Brad is a mortgage lending expert who can answer all the questions you may have about financing your new home, property, or vacation home. Brad specializes in a variety of loan products for our clients in the Northern Colorado area. He lives in this community as well and has the knowledge needed to help you make the best decision on your conventional loan. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Reach out to us today to find more information about our Fort Collins conventional loans!

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